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City of Maple Ridge

Mayor Nicole Read itemized the city’s 10 notable achievements in the past year for the REALTORS® attending the May 17 update. Achievements include:

  1. An improved transportation network with upgrades and enhancements such as a $23 million Haney Bypass upgrade.
  2. Improved service culture at city hall, including award-winning enhanced customer service such as improved wait times for processing permits and new staff in the economic development department.
  3. Leveraging events and festivals, celebrating cultural diversity, working closely with First Nations on Canada’s 150th birthday festivities, and developing new initiatives such as an artist-in-residence program.
  4. A new focus on delivering innovation, including leveraging a fibre optic network.
  5. A new marketing initiative showcasing the community to raise the profile with potential residents and commercial and industrial developers called the Start here, Go far campaign.
  6. New sports infrastructure as an investment in youth.
  7. Improved transit – phase one is underway which includes initiatives to get commuters out of cars and onto a new B-Line which will be operational in four years.
  8. New schools in Albion and Silver Valley and a new community centre.
  9. A new Open for Business policy that makes space for new high-paying jobs.
  10. Celebrating diversity and making Maple Ridge a home for all with a welcoming, vibrant town centre.  
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